Frequently Asked Questions

What is Royal Crawl?

The future of nightlife has arrived with the Royal Crawl!  Whether you’re a local looking for a fun night out with friends or a visitor looking to bar-hop in a new city, use the Royal Crawl app for a fun and action packed night.  All of our bars are within walking distance! Check in at each bar, redeem your drink, and collect a digital playing card to build your poker hand. The best hands of the night win prizes!  Download the free app today on iOS or Android. DRINK. PLAY. WIN!


How do I get the app?

The app is free to download on iOS or Google Play.  Just search your app store and hit download.


How do I get my ticket?

When you open the app you’ll see all of the upcoming crawls.  Pick the one you want to go on, click ‘Ticket’, and purchase right there in the app.


What does my ticket get me?

Ticket includes 5 complimentary drinks!  One drink at each of your first 5 bars.

Free entry to every bar on the crawl.  

Chance to win the prizes!


What time should I arrive?

Check the time of your crawl.  If it says 7-11p then that’s the time frame you have to complete the crawl.  You can arrive when you want in that time frame, just make sure you allow yourself enough time to go to 5 bars before the crawl ends.


Which bar do I start at?

Pick which bar you want to go to and check in!  This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ so feel free to go to each bar in any order that you want.  Again, just make sure you go to all 5 bars before the crawl ends.


How do I get my playing card?  

When you check in at your bar, you’ll automatically get a digital playing card.  


Can I change my cards?

Nope.  You play the cards you’re dealt.


How do I get my drinks?

After you check in to your bar, you will see REDEEM under that bar.  Click REDEEM, and then show your bartender the app. They will confirm that you’re there and give you a free drink!

Wait… I don’t pay for my drinks at the bar??  

Nope!  Included in your Royal Crawl ticket price is one free drink at 5 different bars!  Tip is not included so please take care of your bartenders. They’re good peeps.


What’s my drink choices?

You’ll have your choice of one cocktail, beer, or wine at each bar!  


The app is telling me to wait before I can check in.  Why?

There may be a time minimum between bar checks ins.  So hang out and enjoy your drink! If a time minimum is required,  a countdown clock will let you know when you can check in to the next bar.   During the last hour of the crawl, there is no time minimum between bars.  


What if there are more than 5 bars on a crawl?

You pick which 5 bars that you want to go to.  Check in to get your cards and your drinks! 


How do I win?

Complete your poker hand by collecting all 5 of your cards before the end of the crawl.  You are competing against everyone else on the same crawl as you. The best poker hands win prizes.  The winners will be announced about 5 minutes after the crawl ends.  


What if I don’t know how to play poker?

You don’t need to know how to play poker.  The app will automatically rank your hand.  


What are the prizes?

Click the info button on the crawl you want to go on to see the prizes.


I won! How do I get my prize?

Check your email!  You will get an email within 24 hours to let you know how to redeem your prize.

Do I need to be present to win?



What is “Make Money” in the app’s menu?

Make money using our ambassador program.  The more people you get to join a crawl using your unique code, the more money you make.  Apply within the app for more information.


Other questions?  

Please email